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tv   Headline News  RT  November 6, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EST

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it was. the fifth of november which many will remember scuffles in london between police and mass protesters is the anonymous movement draws anti corruption rallies worldwide. georgia signs up its military to more posting in afghanistan to boost its nato membership chances we speak to both supporters and troops families who say their loved ones have already paid in blood. and getting ready to put the olympic torch in orbit it's the final preparations for a soyuz rocket which will launch saatchi's symbol of the games ahead of its first ever space walk.
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and i welcome you watching r.t. this morning with me andrew farmer. guy fawkes night took on a worldwide flavor this year activists in more than four hundred cities turned out for the million mask march it was a global show of anger against online privacy breaches corporate greed and corrupt governments. first london and a bonfire lit outside the gates of buckingham palace with crowds wearing white masks or scuffles with police there were similar scenes near parliament to sarah firth was there. oh yeah we were trying to the first run the grades of the movie i'm ahmad the other called that really mean a lot of resistance from the protesters yes it's
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a lot of other people know more live as well possibly even older not in the laws. but basically very very ugly right at the lovely cried my favorite lovely not be ruined he told me look i know exactly that that it would be a. book rather unexpectedly the million mom march here in london has paid. the fees that me from the houses of parliament where they were protesting and they won't write down all of them out here in london if you look behind him they're all walking down the mall with buckingham palace. oh. well the man must protest it here in london have ended up outside buckingham palace oh yes this isn't even making it across the day we seeing prices breakouts and i've
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a twinkly protesters and some of the groups then saying often as he says coming over way down here of course this maybe has been taking place in cities around the world tonight but here in london protesters ending the evening outside buckingham palace serafin artsy london. well across the atlantic hundreds marched outside the white house many of them have links with the occupy wall street movement born two years ago has more now from our washington correspondent. here in washington you have different protest groups marching under the umbrella of be anonymous they protest different things to protest what they see is a police state they focused against the persecution of whistleblowers they protest against monsanto the world's biggest producer of genetically modified seeds so generally speaking they see themselves as a movement against the government and corporations taking advantage of the people.
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who are. so we're standing next to the white house what do you want president obama to hear you want president obama to hear that five years after the financial crisis the banks being bailed out we're still suffering people are still struggling they're drowning in debt we live in a country that's fundamentally unfair we no longer have the rule of law from the n.s.a. to edward snowden to chelsea manning all over the world people are speaking out whistleblowers are speaking out regular people are speaking out and saying enough is enough we want justice we want to know when people ask if a decentralized mass movement like this can achieve anything other than just making noise well last year they were instrumental in informing people about this but legislation that will provide legal protection for the internet giants that spano private information their users truthout with agencies and now in light of edward snowden's revelations they demand a drastic overhaul of the n.s.a.
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. the movement you know most every continent france italy and portugal were among the e.u. countries which saw the protests and elsewhere canada mexico brazil and demonstrations also drew crowds in japan a stray and new zealand the face of guy fawkes more popular than ever abby martin looks at the significance. very hard pressed to not find this mask at a recent protest but ironically every time the mask is purchased time warner gets a cut yes because of time turners move even for a company also trademark the mask but despite this disturbing contradiction the mask still serves a very noble purpose it's help to get activists immunity and identity to anonymity .
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breaking the set a little later on as the previously campaign is stood their ground another edward snowden leak emerged it turns out that it's not just the u.s. that might have been prying into germany's classified affair as the british ambassador has been summoned by in over spying report he's clane the u.k.'s intelligence agency g c h q ran a top secret listening post in its embassy in the german capital and apparently together with america's n.s.a. it's been running a global network of so-called ness to harvest confidential data previously washington even bugs chancellor merkel's phone against from germany's pirate party things burley in is not an innocent victim the german government of course did notice what was happening on the roof top of the u.s. embassy and the u.k. embassy because it's clear for everybody who looks at that big what's going on there but i think that the german interior secret service they are not allowed to
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investigate on the las and this is simply because germany right now is a subclass partner of the of the u.s. and they want to become a first class partner so our government is simply selling our privacy and their own privacy to climb up the ladder. well the u.s. senate has its own vision on resolving spy scandals once and for all by plugging the leaks with dollars lawmakers have approved the annual intelligence authorization act that includes funding operations to prevent revelations similar to those made by edward snowden the director of the n.s.a. will also have more powers to investigate employees with security clearances. coming up shortly a resurgent al qaeda is reportedly eyeing up libya's vulnerable uranium stores. it is actually could be used in
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a radiological explosive device or just used to terrify people and a former british military chemical warfare commander explains to us the potential dangers should these nuclear ingredients fall into the wrong hands these stories coming up. the sochi twenty fourteen winter olympic torch relay is approaching the story checkpoint final preparations are being made to send it into space martin andrews is that the cosmodrome where the launch will take place. well the countdown begins and the way the olympic torch will certainly have a mission impossible tomorrow as we head off into space to the international space station the launch is scheduled for ten am here in baikonur kazakstan eight am in moscow four. in london and eleven pm in new york so make sure that you have your alarm ready to watch a moment in history it's also important to know that tomorrow it will be the second
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time in history that the resources capsules will adopt with the international space station all the way four hundred kilometers in space and also they'll be a total of nine crew members will be extremely crowded but what a party they will have all are cut off and so you resigns he will take the specially modified torch out into the vacuum of space and tomorrow while there's going to be a part of the frenzy and swarm of press that's here there's also going to be a strong military presence and heightened security as well before and took off and twelve and four and a and twenty six craft as well as for search and recovery of ground vehicles of course it's important to note that the soyuz rocket itself even though the design is quite old it's certainly reliable and cost effective it's taken over one thousand seven hundred mission successful missions over the last few decades and now that the space shuttle has retired in the u.s.
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while the soyuz rocket is really now the only means of transport for astronauts and cosmonauts to reach the international space station of course this latest venture for the pan russian torch relay is the latest here in baikonur various turns but also be heading to lake baikal the largest freshwater lake in the world will be going to the bottom of the lake and they will also be heading up to mt brust and heading to the top of the peak the tallest mountain in europe so lots to look forward to but of course we've got less than twenty four hours before the launch what's to look forward to it's very exciting for a moment while that's promised to be out of this world. and of course we are following the torch on its epic journey around russia and beyond and you can keep tabs on it. the alarm is sounding at the un over nine guarded uranium warehouse in the libyan
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desert controlled by a regional weapons force worth it reportedly drawing the interest of al qaida a former british military chemical defense command has told r.t. what might happen if terrorists get hold of this material it is not highly radioactive itself however we did see a uranium ore in india some six months ago and if al qaida did get hold of this yellowcake. it is potentially could be used in a z a rage logical explosive device or just used to terrify people not very toxic but it is radioactive and that would create a tremendous amount of terror if al qaeda got it everybody is is is terrified of radiation and we hear the horror stories for a place like. where accidents to occur and yellowcake is radioactive it appears to be held in a you know an unsecured store and although it wouldn't present a
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a health risk for very short periods but long exposure to it and certainly if yellowcake is ingested and you radium miners do suffer from a high degree of cancer from ingesting powders similar to yellow cake so certainly not a total surprise they're concerned about it and not happy to have it in their community unguarded. the rest of libya is still on a knife edge the capital erupted in battles between rival militia groups are to the eastern half of libya declared autonomy establishing a new government that authority says it now rules the east which produces almost sixty percent of libya's oil the powerful warlord backing the breakaway government has seventeen thousand troops under his command and shut down nearly half of the country's oil exports this summer and there is a weak central government in tripoli which is struggling to rein in the militia groups one defense analyst told us that he thinks the country's division was helped
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from abroad. the central government in tripoli has no control over the country at large and the militias have sidelined tribal leaders and taken over power and this this was doing turned into consequence from the beginning be. sure it was never to do niger libya it was always the intention to split remember let's look at sudan. from sudan because of the oil rich region and they're doing exactly the same here the big guards the area or the big part of libya is all you reach so they're going to split it so that they can control the oil directly there while desperate to avoid following in libya's footsteps is egypt today to cross-talk focuses on a cairo in crisis and there is feeding the unrest. the trial of mohamed
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morsi what is this trial all about constitutional legitimacy or political retribution good morning to even get a fair trial for the military backed government the trial is key to showing its plan for transition towards democracy how sound of a plan is this and what message does this trial send to the muslim world. after a decade of war in afghanistan georgia has declared that it's game for more nato operations that even after next year's troop pullout tbilisi wants to prove itself to the airlines which it desperately wants to join and is marie for an ocean to report its leaders are accused of being willing to pay blood to do so. these georgian woman suffered a tragic loss the hardest thing for any mother her son is
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a rob her son to get his son and came back in a coffin. his body was frozen the coffin was full of ice and we're hoping that i saw many scars on his head. i remember woman in military uniform had come to my place she told me that my son had died in the explosion at the barracks and that he is a hero. rob had planned to get married in september he signed up for military service to get a salary of seven hundred dollars a month so he could start a new life. what all these medals these owners if he's no longer live what should i do now. do you under president mikheil saakashvili made joining nato a national priority. as a nonmember the country has been better than collison operations in afghanistan since two thousand and four georgia has sent around eleven thousand troops there
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making it the largest known elias contributor. around thirty georgian soldiers have died in afghanistan. and the new leadership seems likely to stick to that course they use old keys to raise their ratings on the world's arena really has a more primaries they were going to be there has a more why don't they send them to ghana still why should we pay. our head georgian military expert says the country needs to join nato to protect itself from russia. in two thousand and eight to the lycée launched a large scale assault on its rican way province of south the setia in violation of a truce to regain control over it dozens of russians living there were killed the russian military intervened fending off the georgian forces and a five day conflict. is now. cheese have already pledged to bring self-assertive back into the fold. if we become a nato member then chapter five will protect us and we'll be able to rely on nato
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as help in the event of any military conflict and we send our children to afghanistan to show average interest to cooperate this is the price we pay yes. also has kids two daughters by asking whether he'd send his son to have denniston if he had one it's a very difficult question but i'd be honored for him to become a hero they spoke of two hundred pages as cold heroes twenty nine stories of young georgian men who died in a military mission in afghanistan fortunately these tragedies have not been repeated since the book was published several months ago but as the country expands its contribution to international mission it's easy to imagine more similar chapters unfolding. from georgia. now that's a basic pill for some doctors in the united states a report reveals that some help torture prisoners instead of giving them treatment
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the details still ahead for you this hour plus britain's construction industry is building at its fastest rate since the credit crisis hit the problem is the skilled workers have gone we'll look at why. right. first strike. and i think the true. critic three. three. three. three. three. three
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blog video for your media project free media r t v dot com. welcome back doctors are supposed to hail not homme but some u.s. medics are being accused in an independent study of being complicit in the torture of suspected terrorists it is claimed they helped design inhumane and cruel procedures when they should have stood up to the cia's orders associate professor of medicine dr alan keller from new york university believes the doctors were often the driving force behind implementing abusive treatment. it was clear policy and practice of the department of defense and of the cia that following the tragic events of september eleventh that torture was
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institutionalized and that health professionals not only protists it paid it passively but frankly led this led to this in terms of developing the abusive torture methods that were used in kata following their use and in her pecial waiting a law i that these methods are safe and effective interrogation techniques there is no question that they were torture they were dangerous they were abusive they're not effective at all listening accurate information and they are wrong and inmates at the notorious kuantan and my bay prison know what it's like to enjoy intense interrogation in our t.v. crew has been given a rare chance to report from within the camp see what we discovered in our series of aussie dot com is official show off the equipment for the notorious for speeding procedure insisting it's not really. also the choking price of china's
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progress an eight year old girl becomes one of the country youngest lung cancer patients doctors blame the smoke from its cold power it in. a meeting between u.s. and russian diplomats in geneva has ended but with no date set for the long perspire on syrian peace conference u.n. arab league envoy lakhdar brahimi admits that the sides were unable to reach and you greenland's. we were hoping we would be in a position to announce a bit. unfortunately we have not. again because the syrian opposition isn't ready to take part russian officials say america which banks the rebels lacks the required influence of fragmented groups to bring them to the negotiating table when r.t. spoke exclusively with an advisor to president assad dr shah she explained what she
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thinks is hindering the start of the talks. rather then also on the ground however if you are of the coalition many nationalist opposition however if you are the coalition so good that tell us who do this report liberalism and ask for. the step down i think i would call on secretary kerry to speak the same language if it were are not the change is not a good thing to know what she speaks he speaks one thing and guy had all. been served at some the been put on something other than good loveable i think the simplest thing is that secretary of the united states should our not his words speak the same language everywhere i make this said. earlier the syrian opposition coalition and that it would only attend peace talks if president assad steps down they also refuse to participate if iran one of the major powers in the region joins
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the negotiations the us is also opposed to toronto taking part but president assad's advisor also told r.t. that position contradicts the previous deal on the geneva conference. this interim government has announced none it dimes that it is that i did the adventure never without precondition the problem is with the others host big money different languages different places and who keep putting conditions we've just learned that the russians and the americans are about to be that your neighbor too should be convened without any preconditions for money aside so that's fine with us and you can watch the full version of artes exclusive interview with president assad aid on our huge cheat channel. being a builder in british meant good well paid work and plenty of it when the crisis struck they would hit the construction industry hard to dado firms are doing more
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business than at any time in the last six years yet attracting the skilled workers back onside is proving to be tough probably boyko looks at where the industry's pointing the blame. it's supposed to be a bellwether for the economy as a whole but britain's construction industry has been crippled by the financial crisis literally this central london site was surprised to house a skyscraper called the planet co but those cranes are you about have been lying idle for almost two years off the financing for the office tower dried up now instead of the pinnacle those in the business preferred to call it the stump instead while commercial buildings lack private funding government budget cuts have hit public projects hard one hundred fifty thousand skilled construction workers in the u.k. are out of was and on the dole that welfare payments are costing the government over two billion pounds
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a year if this government invested when the kinds of power and the continued with the various plans such as building schools for the few. building new hospitals we would have actually been primed building workers to produce for the country on the other side crawlers says. experts have advised the government that if they invest just five percent of those two billion pounds on funding public building projects such as affordable housing will create thousands of jobs there's been a big pool of government investment and a projected for continuing to next be is there are things that government can do to get this industry believe me again and i think what we're saying is that government is to get on and do that and not allow the stagnation to carry on for the next five years while sites are abandoned the workforce has been losing skills to paper over the cracks all those have been stepping in there are a lot of modern workers working on construction sites british were close saying to
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baby the more elderly workers on sawing that is probably caused by the lack of apprenticeships and the lack of trying in its type of blogs in our industry economic recovery tends to start with the construction sector beginning to move on the good news is that off to years of stagnation in the u.k. the only way from here is. for the boys to osse funds that. a quick look now at some other international news in china a series of suspected bombings have hit a regional communist party headquarters killing one person and injuring eight the explosions rocked the capital of changi province four hundred kilometers southeast of beijing it's not known who's behind the blast just over a week ago two tourists died and dozens more were injured in a terrorist attack when a car rammed into a crowd on tiananmen square. scuffles in mexico city between police and farmers
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fighting for a fair price for their produce one protester was tackled to the floor and kicked after running from offices only some farm products are subsidized by the government leaving others to train and at an economic disadvantage. india has launched its first spacecraft bound for mars the rocket will be in near orbit over the next twenty five days or gathering enough speed to pull free of the earth's gravitational pull the mission is successful india will become only the fourth space program to make it to the red planet after the. u.s. and europe. on. the tile and government's plan to ground amnesties to politicians is seen angry crowds rally in bangkok many believe the new legislation would pave the way for the for a disgraced former prime minister to return to thailand and take part in politics again thanks in shinawatra was convicted of corruption in two thousand and eight
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and faced two years in jail before going into exile. new york's in line for a new mayor with exit polls saying democrat bill de blasio will secure a huge seventy percent of the vote his republican challenger has conceded defeat the victory swept across traditional divides of wealth and race and marks a significant shift to the left for america's largest city. but up next a look at life after enduring guantanamo but for our viewers in britain it's our new tough talking show going underground. well. science technology innovation all the list of melanin from around russia we've got the future covered.
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margy dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know. what. we're cleaning up something quite simply. says.


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